Tuna for Passover

Pesach is a complicated and complex holiday.

We do not sacrifice a lamb, although we should and actually could and at least practice for the event.

But we do banish chometz and any and all manner of leavened bread and grains.  The kitchen can become a battle place, with all the cleaning and scrubbing and covering and separating and hiding all-year-round food stuffs.

It can become even more difficult when you go to purchase items and seek out a Rabbinical supervision label. Which Rabbi, which Rabbinate, which company?

And here in Israel, with not-so-friendly rivalry, I found a problematic instance:


If you pay attention you can see that the tuna fish can on the right has contradictory declarations as to whether the contents can be eaten on the Pesach holidy.

Arrow 1 on the can to the left points to “Bishul Yisrael [prepared by Jewish employees], Kosher for Pesach” on the label.

Arrow 2 on the can to the right points to the same text and both are from the Tirat Carmel Rabbinate.

Arrows 3, however, pointing to a yellow label on the can to the right from the Badatz declares the tuna non-edible for Pesach.




About yisraelmedad

I am a revenant, that is, a Jew who has returned to his historical homeland. I live in Shiloh, the pre-monarchy capital of the Israel tribal federation where I have lived with my family since 1981. I have been in Israel since 1970. Previously, I have worked in the Knesset, as a parliamentary aide, in Government, as an advisor to a Minister and Deputy-Minister, as director of Israel’s Media Watch, and now retired Director of Information Resources at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center after 17 years. I have now been appointed Deputy Editor to the critical anthology edition of Jabotinsky's Writings in English.
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