On A Reconnoitering Dove

“And he sent forth from him the dove…”, (Breisheet 8:8)

The dove represents the soul, our souls.  And the additional seven days that follow afforded for it’s reconnaissance over the receding waters and for us, symbolize the six days of the week and the holy day of Sabbath.  If this time frame is utilized properly, man can rise to a higher level of spiritual accomplishment and character.

And first, the dove returned with a leaf and only the second time with the tree’s fruit.  And, based on the verse in Psalms 1:3:- “whose leaf doth not wither”, we can learn about the process of improving one’s self.

That even if one cannot produce beautiful and pure things, acts of goodness for yourself, of yourself and for others, at the very beginning, which would be termed ‘fruit’, nevertheless, even with but a leaf in your mouth you are providing a sign of your advancement, just like the dove for Noah.  For when Noah saw even the leaf, he knew the waters were receding, and we know that these waters were malicious.  But then another seven days started for it is always thus: the past Shabbat and its sanctity, its hallowed ambiance and holy possibilities are a preparation for the next time period, until the next Shabbat.

From Shabbat to Shabbat we improve.

Shmuel Shmelke HaLevi Ish-Horowitz of Nicklesburg (1726 – 1778) in Imrei Shmuel

Collected and printed in 2008

Shmelke served as rabbi in Ryczywół and Shinove, and, in 1773, was invited to become the rabbi of Nikolsburg in Moravia.  His brother was Pinchas of Koretz.

His yahrtzeit is 2 Iyyar.

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