About More From the Admor

I have decided to share my learning from the books of Hassidic Masters, primarily on the Weekly Portions of the Torah as the Hebrew year proceeds.

I will be bringing to your attention words, thoughts and concepts on the Torah from the well-known and perhaps the lesser-known Admorim, the honorific title which represents in abbreviation “Our Master, Teacher and Rabbi” as used in the Hassidic community.

The use of ‘More’ is actually a play-on-words.  In Hebrew, מור, is a scent, myrrh, which also has health properties.  Myrrh was a chief spice which Moses was commanded to take, Exodus 30:22.  The People of Israel were described as being perfumed in myrrh in Song of Songs 3:6.  In Proverbs 7:17, it is described as a perfume with sensual properties.

Following a trip to Poland in 2004, I realized that Hassidic ‘stories’ and ‘tales’ were not enough.  I hope that the content of this site will benefit my readers, educate them, perhaps astound them but above all, improve their spiritual lives.

And maybe there will be a book as a result of this blog.

The entries will not necessarily be exact translations but rather edited interpretations.  I will, however, provide the sources for those interested in learning directly from the original.


About yisraelmedad

I am a revenant, that is, a Jew who has returned to his historical homeland. I live in Shiloh, the pre-monarchy capital of the Israel tribal federation where I have lived with my family since 1981. I have been in Israel since 1970. Previously, I have worked in the Knesset, as a parliamentary aide, in Government, as an advisor to a Minister and Deputy-Minister, as director of Israel’s Media Watch, and now retired Director of Information Resources at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center after 17 years. I have now been appointed Deputy Editor to the critical anthology edition of Jabotinsky's Writings in English.
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